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BEST electrical components PART DEALS MINIMUM EFFORT!

electrical components

Your car relies on a wide range of electrical components to function effectively. While not every electrical component in the car will affect how it drives or whether it functions as it should do, every component has an important role to play.

Whether you're looking for cables, fuses, sensors or even a replacement car horn, it's important that you buy quality replacement parts from a reputable supplier.

It's also important that when you come to replace any of your cars electrical components that you use quality replacement parts to ensure your vehicle functions correctly afterward. This is where the expertise of MorePartz will help you source the best priced electrical components for your needs.

Electrical components available for your car

However, the sheer number of electrical components available for your vehicle means we cannot go into details about each one but there's more information on the relevant electrical component pages.

To put this into perspective - your vehicle will have around 30,000 components and most of these will be electrical. That's a lot of information to provide!

Replacement electrical components for cars

For example, the range of replacement electrical components available for cars and other vehicles include:


Car batteries

Cruise control

ECU's and computers

Fuses and fuse boxes



Voltage regulators


Starter motors

Wires and a lexical cables

Wiring looms

Important electrical components for your vehicle

There are also other important electrical components that you may be needing for your vehicle and the Morepartz site offers quality replacements to meet your needs.

Depending on what the issue with your car might be, not everyone is confident when dealing with a vehicle's electric or electronic parts. If this means you, then always use an expert to carry out any electrical repair.

The vehicle´s electrical issues may mean replacing the battery or headlights or even the stereo system. You may also be needing cables, electrical pumps, tools, connectors and fuses or relays - the list endless.

Another issue for anyone wanting to replace an electrical component on their vehicle is that the process of finding out which part is responsible for something not functioning can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Indeed, you may require specialized diagnostic tools to locate the problem.

The right replacement electrical component at the right price

It may be that you can replace a fuse or a headlamp for your car and have the tools to complete the job well and we can help find the right replacement electrical component at the right price.

Regardless of the component you require, you should use a supplier who can supply every part you need whether it's cables, crimp tools, fuse boxes or terminals and connectors.

As mentioned earlier, it's important that if the work is complex and you are not experienced in dealing with electrics, that you seek help from a qualified mechanic or specialist who will be able to resolve your problem.

Thankfully, Morepartz should be your first stop to find the replacement item that you need to complete a vital repair.

We sell electrical components parts and spares for the following models:


Where to purchase your electrical components & spares

Local Stores & High Street

One of the most convenient ways to obtain replacement electrical components parts for your is to use your local or highstreet car part supplier.

The advantage of using a shop is you get face to face support in purchasing the electrical components part you need. One of the most beneficial aspect of purchasing from a local store is often highstreet shops will take your electrical components part back if for some reason it doesnt fit, and if in stock instantly replacing with the correct part this can often be easier and quicker than repacking and posting, and then needing to wait for the replacement electrical components part to be sent out.

More Info

Breakers & Salvage Yards

One of the cheapest ways to replace your part is to use the services of your local or universal breakers or salvage yards.

Salvage and breakers yards are are an excellent source of replacement parts, not only for electrical components spares but for a whole number of different parts. Breakers yards and salvage yards purchase damaged cars and then they dismantle them and sell the parts on to the general public.

The advantage of using these yards, also know as dismantlers is the price, usually the price can be up to 70% cheaper over new.

More Info

Private Classifieds

If you want to make even more savings then purchasing your required part from a local could be the answer, shops, private sellers stores and all sorts of users post electrical components parts for sale using classified websites such as preloved, gumtree or even craigslist.

You will have to be a bit more savvy to purchase via this channel, there are no assurances that the part you purchase is fit for purpose and often if you purchase electrical components parts from the public you are not protected - mostly electrical components spares and parts are sold as seen, so you really need to test your electrical components or know about the part your purchasing in some detail.

More Info

Online Store

For the convenience of shopping for spares and accessories without leaving your home then the online store usually has everything you need to get your part electrical components part replaced.

Its easy to find a large number of online stores to purchase your electrical components replacement parts and accessories, usually the offer fast delivery to your home and refunds or replacements if the electrical components part turns out to not be suitable as long as you have the original packaging. Some even offer next day delivery offering one of the most convenient ways to purchase electrical components car parts.

More Info

Online Marketplace

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Part Request Websites

Some websites offer the ability to enter your car details and the electrical components part required so they can source what you need by contacting a large network of suppliers to give you quotes on the electrical components part your looking for.

Some websites offer the ability to enter your car details and the part required so they can source what you need by contacting a large network of suppliers to give you quotes on the part your looking for.

Find Part Request websites here

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We have tried to unify all the different types of services to purchase parts all conveniently in one place online at www.morepartz.co.uk

car electrical system

Repair & Replacement of car electrical components

car electrical components Replacement or Repair

We offer a unique service for car parts and spares. Thousands of new and used car car parts from a large number of suppliers, shops, breakers yards and private sellers all in one place. From genuine and original parts right the way to car aftermarket replacement parts we have the largest selection of car you will find online.

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